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Trial Pack

(70 Gms)

R1000 R850*

Starter Course

(140 Gms)

R2000 R1600*

Advanced Course

(220 Gms)

R4000 R2500*

Full Course

(360 Gms)

R6000 R4000*

Why Facemate?

  • 100% ayurvedic pure ingredients specially with the essence of lotus flower
  • Preventive measure against skin problem before it comes out for a healthy skin
  • Feasible home remedy for facial issue and freedom from hefty bills and wasting time to see beautician
  • Facility to consult with our beauty expert and compulsory counselling before start using the product.
  • Largely recommended product by skin specialists
  • Relieves your skin from the illness in a short period
  • A mixture of precious ingredients used only by the rich and famous ancient Indian era
  • Makes you noticed in the crowd with your natural skin.