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(70 Gms)

R1000 R850*

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(360 Gms)

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Bloom yourself with face mate

Facemate ayurvedic face pack is a blend of rare ayurvedic ingredients which were only used by the rich and famous of ancient Indian era. facemate is the best ayurvedic facepack in India with 100% natural ingredients for skin care.The key ingredients of facemate mixed in a secret proportion are the key to astounding result in such a short time. Facemate helps to gain healthy glowing skin without side effects and cares over the skin.

Benefits of facemate

Facemate ayurvedic face pack is the best face pack to moisturize, cleanse tone and rejuvenate your skin. Its key ingredients include Nelumbiumspeciosum,RubiaCordifolia, TerminaliaArjuna,Azadirachtaindica.,Curcuma aromatic,Symplocoslaurina and Cucumissativus are done after the ayurvedic rituals is packed afresh to give you the best result in a short time. Be it on your face and the skin problem will cleared within very short time. It nourishes the skin deeply and provides a softer and glowing feel. Discover yourself a new natural face in short time.

How it works

Facemate ayurvedic face pack formulated from a blend of selected natural ingredients from the rich and famous ayurvedic and siddha text of ancient Indian era. The secret proportion of these ingredients increases the skin tone and removes all blemishes from the skin. Facemate is a self care product, firmly applying the face pack over the face and neck portion provides freshness to the skin cells and remove death skin cells. Regular usage of facemate is also very effective in balancing of skin smoothening.Facemate is the best choice for natural healthy skin.