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  • As a traffic police my face had lost the glow and freshness due to regular exposure to harsh weather conditions and pollution. I used facemate as a daily nourishment to my skin. It removed dirt and impurities from my face and I was glad to notice the change from the first use itself and my face felt so smooth young and lively.

    Sunil Sukumar
  • Im a business man. Because of my busy life i dont have much time to visit gents parlours. So i choose facemate for a handsome look. The facility to consult with the beauty expert through phone gives me best counselling according to my skin type.

    Ashish Pankavil
  • I have been searching for a best ayurvedic face pack for my daughter. As a teen age girl she has lots of skin worries mostly pimples. Finally our family doctor suggested me facemate. After using the first bottle her face become pimple-free and clearer than before.

    Sakshi Sinha
  • Hi, Iam sridha, and im a 32 year old woman.recently i noticed some wrinkles on my face. I was so upset about it and i can't concentrate on my job. Then my husband brought me facemate ayurvedic face pack. With in a month i get a smoother skin without wrinkles. Facemate is the best anti-aging formula. Now i and my husband are using facemate regularly.

    Sridha Nair
  • Facemate ayurvedic face pack is a blend of many natural ingredients. Its purity is scientifically proven with several studies. as a ayurvedhic specialist i personally suggest and uses facemate.

    Radhika S
  • I was so upset about the dark circles under my eyes and i went to consult eye specialist. He told me there is nothing to worry about my eyes, and suggested to consult a skin specialist. Skin specialist told me there are lots of bad skin cells under my eyes, and she suggested facemate. Now iam recovering from the problem, thanks to facemate.

    Naseen A
  • I was suffering from dry skin problem for quite long, thank god!!! i got introduced to facemate. As per the facemate beauty technician advice i have followed the easy guidelines and applied facemate on my face with milk and i am no more suffering from dry skin problem now.

    Anusree Manohar
  • My menstrual period used to give me very difficult dry skin problems too. I used to pity myself for being born as a female. Thanks to facemate, i am free of my dry skin problem now and my face is much better and free of all pain.

    Anjali M
  • I never had a happy life just because I was too dark in colour. I was very much depressed. I rarely attend a party or such social gatherings. At last I came to know about facemate from my cousin. I started using it and within the first bottle i become fairer than before. Iam using it for the last 2 months and the result was amazing.

    Rita Sebastian